What to expect:

The course is run by Liz, who is fully trained and a member of the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM).


Liz will be demonstrating the massage techniques on a doll throughout the course. It is run over a five-week period, in a non-judgemental, inclusive, supportive, friendly, and interactive way.  

You will be provided with an organic massage oil suitable for use on the course and for home use.

Babies will be undressed fully during the massage session and as such, accidents may happen!  Therefore, it is important that you come fully equipped with wet-wipes, nappies, a towel (plus one spare) and any refreshments you or your baby may require throughout.

There will be additional refreshments available to purchase in the cafe for your convenience.

At the end of each session, Liz will offer complimentary mini- massages for parents/carers to ease any aches or pains, calm tensions and allow for the opportunity to experience the benefits of massage for themselves.


What is a baby massage course?

This course is designed for parents/carers who are interested in building their confidence and understanding of this relaxation technique. 

Before babies are able to speak, or even respond to sounds and sights, they actually communicate with the world around them through touch.


The Baby Massage course will teach you a sequence of baby massage strokes that you can use at home or out and about, to suit you and your baby.

Benefits of massage:

Massaging your baby is one way to connect with your baby and studies have shown that it may help with:

  • Improving bonding and attachment.

  • Building confidence in handling your baby using positive touch techniques.

  • Enabling better communication between you and your baby.

  • Improving your baby’s sleep.

  • Strengthening your baby’s digestive system and reducing symptoms of wind and constipation.

  • Stimulating growth and development

  • Relaxing and soothing both you and your baby.

Although massage is beneficial for all babies, we recommend that you start the course when your baby is over six weeks old.  

Infant Massage Course Dates: 5 x sessions (each 1.5 hours) Numbers limited to 8 babies

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