Liz Reddish, draws on her vast knowledge and experience in massage and kinesiology to treat a wide range of conditions. During your consultation,  your individual requirements will be discussed and a bespoke treatment will be formulated and agreed. The treatment will combine a number of different techniques from the range of qualifications that Liz holds.

This may include:

  • Swedish massage

  • sports injury techniques

  • indian head massage

  • acupressure

  • pregnancy massage techniques

Massage therapy is the systematic manipulation of muscles and connective tissue to improve physical and emotional well-being. The benefits of massage has been well known for many thousands of years. 

"The way to health is to have an aromatic bath and scented massage every day..."  Hippocrates.


What to expect:

A typical massage session takes at least 60 minutes and can go on up to 90 minutes. The client will be comfortably positioned on the treatment couch with towels covering the body to maintain dignity and comfort. Only the body part that is being worked on will be exposed. Only the best quality, cold pressed, organic oils have been selected for the treatments.

The treatment room is quiet and at a comfortable temperature with quiet music playing in the background if appropriate.


It is best to avoid eating a large meal before the massage or drinking large amounts of liquids.

Who is it suitable for?

Massage therapy is helpful for a wide range of conditions. Some of the more common benefits are listed below:

  • Relaxation

  • Pain Relief

  • Renewed mental energy

  • Released muscle tension

  • Healthier skin

  • Detoxification

  • Maximum sports performance

  • Surgical recovery

  • Increased postural awareness

  • General restoration of mental and physical balance

  • ​Relief from muscle fatigue

  • Improved sleeping patterns

  • Improved digestion

  • Lowered Blood Pressure

  • Release of endorphins and feeling of well-being

  • Recovery from and prevention of sports injuries such as: tennis/golfer’s elbow, frozen shoulder, Achilles tendinitis, muscle strains…

For further information, or to make a booking, please call Liz on 07971 106 572 or email:

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