"All you need is courage and humility - if you level one with the other, you cannot fail”

This quote was taken from one of my favourite series - Call the Midwife. It was from a scene where Sister Mildred briefed the junior midwife before she went out to single -handedly deliver her first baby. Being more experienced in this field, Sister Mildred was able to recognise the junior midwife’s potential and give her the 'push' she needed to reach it.

I really relate to this; at times, feeling like the junior midwife in this scene when embarking on new challenges. It highlighted the huge benefits of having mentors in my life to guide and support me to help me reach my potential.

There has been a lot in the media recently about the huge benefits of having a mentor (Mentor definition). Recognising that we are all juggling a lot and often feeling pulled in many directions, having someone to guide and support you and giving you the friendly 'push' when you need it can only be a positive addition to your 'tool box'.

In my experience, the investment has rewarded ten-fold, not only in the development of my business, but personally as well.

The experience has inspired me to become a IKC (International Kinesiology College) and KF (Kinesiology Federation) mentor, supporting both new and established practitioners to positively develop themselves and their businesses.

For information about the mentoring services I offer, please see my website for more details: https://www.devonwellhouse.co.uk/mentoring​

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