"Mummy, you are growing a beard!"

Having hit the big 40 last year and said goodbye to my 30’s, my attention is turned to the next decade of my life and what might be ahead. It sees our two kiddies entering and living through their teens, and Ian and I transitioning into middle-age....eeek!

Over half-term, the kiddies and I were waiting in the car for some friends who we’d arranged to have a walk with. It was a chilly February day and our eldest caught a glimpse of me side profile, silhouetted by the winter sun; “Mummy, you are growing a beard” he remarked in slight disgust.

What he had noticed was my facial fuzz standing on end as it tried to insulate me from the chill! (I acknowledge that it is my personal vanity and insecurity about getting older that prompted me to share that justification with you!).

We all fell about laughing, but it struck me that as our kids will be going through puberty, Ian and I are going to be going through the reverse! (Yes, men go through the menopause too..but the changes might not be so obvious.)

What a frightening combination of hormonal shifts under one roof I thought. Hormones are such a complex subject and the symptoms can appear endless. But the good news is that there are a lot of positive things we can do to support ourselves and our children/young adults as we go through the changes.

In my belief that knowledge is power, I am carrying out some research on how hormones affect us and what mechanisms people use to manage them (if at all). I’d like to build a bigger picture of the role that hormones play in our lives. Are your hormones in charge of you or are you in charge of your hormones? Please use the comment fields below to share your own personal hormone story, or if too personal, but you’d still like to share, please send me a private message. Many thanks for any contribution, Liz

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