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'Liz helps me to stay fit and healthy, allowing me timeout from my busy, active and sometimes stressful life, by helping my body repair itself and giving my mind space to relax.’

'Going to Liz is a crucial part of looking after myself. We discuss any problems and work on those areas, sometimes something comes up that I haven't recognised so her expertise and wide knowledge is invaluable to me. As a bonus, she is a lovely person to spend an hour with and my respect and enjoyment of that time, having a custom made massage, has grown over the 8 years I have been going to her.'

'Liz has magic fingers which know how to find the problem – and then heal it!'

'Liz saved my life and keeps me and my body going!!!'

'Your health and well being are in perfect hands with Liz.  She has helped me so much to feel good in both body and soul.'

'Liz has been an incredible help with myself and my 3 year old daughter! She has helped greatly to improve both our well beings, physically as well as mentally. After being told my daughter would grow out of her poor health and very poor sleeping pattern, and me not prepared to wait, Liz was able to improve both greatly over a few sessions making for a much happier mummy and child. With Liz's gentle and kind approach it  made each session enjoyable and successful for my little girl with no stress for myself! I would highly recommend Liz!'

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